The following is a list of purchasing and coordination services that WLI typically offers:

  • Review FF&E documents for completeness, compare WLI’s quantities vs. designer’s and report discrepancies.
  • Prepare an itemized budget per area in conjunction with Interior Designers.
  • Procure all designer related FF&E required for Model Rooms and Corridor Mock Up. Prepare procurement schedule for same.
  • Pre-bid the project so that whenever possible, FF&E shown in Model Rooms reprints production quality.
  • Present at the Model Room viewing, as time and budget permits, multiple samples of the same item so that desired quality level can be evaluated and established.
  • Create bid lists to qualified manufacturers in conjunction with Owner and Designer.
  • Prepare bids, administer and make recommendations for Owner’s approval.
  • Calculate and include in purchase orders Hotel attic stock for designated FF&E items, maintain separate log for attic stock.
  • Procure as “Agent Only” all designer selected FF&E required for the project as well as OSE as specified by the Owner/Operator.
  • Monitor the manufacturer of FF&E, make a visit to case goods factory during the initial production phase to monitor quality control.
  • Investigate alternatives for cost savings to the budget in adherence with the project’s schedule and designer and owner approval for value engineering.
  • Coordinate the review and final approval of manufacturer’s shop with designers.
  • Process all drapery and upholstery fabrics for flame proofing to meet local fire code, obtain flame certificates for the facility.
  • Locate and bid proposals for off site warehousing, installation and freight forwarding services on behalf of the Owner.
  • Expedite and coordinate deliveries of all FF&E and OS&E to job site or designated warehouse in conjunction with Owner’s Freight Forwarder.
  • Prepare monthly (or as required) budget status reports that compare the target budget against actual costs.
  • Negotiate payment terms with vendors.
  • Receive, review, and approve all invoices for payment and if required issue checks to vendors for final signature and release of payment by Client.
  • Provide monthly reconciliation of the checking account.
  • Prepare cash flow projection when costs have been established.
  • Attend job project meetings to coordinate FF&E schedule.
  • Assist installing contractor during installation phase.
  • Reconcile budget at project completion.
  • Upon request, obtain the services of a liquidator on behalf of the client.


The following is a list of residential design and coordination services that WLI typically offers:

  • Meet with clients to define their goals and establish desired point of view.
  • Shop the market for all fabrics, finishes, lighting, furniture, carpet, wallcovering, hardware, artwork, accesssories and other such items to complete the installation.
  • Prepare layout drawings for all areas.
  • Present all materials for client approval.
  • Develop story boards that show all fabrics, finishes and furniture selected.
  • Prepare detailed drawings for all custom furniture.
  • Review and approve manufacturer shop drawings and finish samples.
  • Prepare kitchen and bathroom elevations.
  • Prepare reflected ceiling plans.
  • Create a line item budget based upon actual selections and designs.
  • Place and expedite orders to their completion.
  • Make payments to all vendors.
  • Supervise all phases of installation.